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Let's Play Bingo!!

Here's how it works.

Bingo is played live on our Glitter Paws Page on Facebook.  

Once you make your purchase you will receive an email as a receipt.

On the day of Bingo you will be sent an email that will come from In this email you will get a link, follow the directions from that link to get your card(s) to play.  If you do not receive an email then check your spam box.  Updates will be posted through the day to let you know that the emails have been sent.  If you check your spam box and you still don't have an email then please EMAIL me at so I can check on the issue.  Please make sure you email at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the game time.


Please do not wait until the last minute!

***I will NOT be able to take care of any issues once the game time has started!!!***

Once you follow the link in your email you will receive you Bingo card(s).  You can play them digitally or print them out.  You will use the same card(s). for all games play for the entire session.

Game will start at the time and date specified at the time you purchased your card(s).

Time will ALWAYS be given in central time.

You must be present to win. The winner will go to the first person to call BINGO and the cards are always verified.

To claim your prize, click here, and fill in your information.  You will have 14 days to claim your prize.  

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